I18n in React

We can use different libraries to have a multilingual REACT application. The most famous one is react-intl. It’s a good and well-documented package. It gives us some helper tags like FormattedMessage which helps the developer a lot. However, the problem is that you cannot use these helper tags in the attributes of other tags.

For example, you may need to write a code like this:

<input type="text"
    placeholder="<FormattedMessage id="general.username" />" />

Obviously, It won’t work.

So I searched a lot and I almost got disappointed. Suddenly I found the i18next package, and it saved me and the internationalization of the project. You can write a small function, and use the i18n.t method to translate a string and it returns a string instead of a helper tag; problem solved.

In the following, you can see a summarized explanation of how to use the i18next.


1.Install the package:

npm install --save i18next

2. Import it in the code:

import i18next from 'i18next'

3. You can have the message lists in separate files and import them or write the messages directly in the initialization:

// i18n.js

  lng: 'fa',
  resources: {
    'fa': {
      translation: {
        'login': 'ورود',
        'username': 'نام کاربری'
    'en': {
      translation: {
        'login': 'Login',
        'username': 'Username'

export default i18n

4. Now you can import it in any component and use it like this:

import { i18n } from 'i18n'
<input type="text" placeholder={i18n.t('username')} />

That’s it. It’s really simple, isn’t it?

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